Academic Writing Project

For this project, you will further examine the technology or issue you began researching during annotated bibliography project and compose a scholarly report about it. Your audience for this report will be advanced majors in your chosen field of study.

If your focus is a specific technology, you will compile a scholarly report detailing that technology, its uses, its benefits, and the ways it has impacted knowledge in your field. If your focus is an issue in your field, you will compile a report overviewing the issue, considering all relevant sides of the issue, and detailing the significance of the issue for your chosen field.

Your report must cite secondary research using APA style, some of which you may have already compiled as a part of your annotated bibliography project. Your composition will be comprised of the following parts:

  1. a short abstract that summarizes your entire report;
  2. an introduction that previews your analysis of how the technology or issue has impacted knowledge creation in your field;
  3. description of the technology or issue;
  4. review of relevant research that discusses the use of the technology in your field or the current state of the scholarly conversation about the issue in your field;
  5. a thorough analysis of how this technology or issue has impacted your field; 
  6. a conclusion that summarizes the information; and
  7. a list of references that you drew from.

Your report will be 1,500–2,000 words long and cite 4 or more reputable sources. The overall  goal of this report is to inform your readers about the technology or issue and to reveal its impact on your field. You will also need to build your ethos as a researcher capable of understanding the complexity of the technology or issue, explaining it to others, and analyzing its role in the construction of knowledge in your field. Your audience of advanced peers will have some knowledge of the field but who are not familiar with the technology or issue you have chosen to write about or its impact on knowledge construction and practices in your field.