Annotated Bibliography Project

For this assignment, you will compile an annotated bibliography of research sources related to an emerging issue or technology in your chosen field of study. This work should hopefully form the starting point for the next major assignment in this class, the academic writing project. In that project, you will compose a scholarly report examining the issue or technology in greater detail.

An annotated bibliography is an academic text containing an list of citations for researched sources and annotations of those sources' content. The citations should present bibliographic data about the source (author, date, title, publication city, publisher, journal title, online address, etc.) and should be written in APA style. The annotations should present summaries and critical reflections about the content of the sources.

Your annotated bibliography should cover three different sources that you intend, at present, to use in your next major assignment, the academic composition. At least two of your sources must be from peer-reviewed, academic journals. Note: you may eventually decide not to use one or two of these sources in the report you write, but all of your sources should speak to your chosen topic in some direct way.

To write your annotations, begin by providing a 100-word summary of the source. Then write a 150-word critical description of the source which engages with the content of that source. It may discuss how the source speaks to the issue you are examining, it may discuss why the source would or would not be helpful or not to people interested in your topic, it may describe the particular strengths or oversights as it might be used in a scholarly consideration of the issue, it may discuss how the particular motivations of the source's author might affect how the source should be interpreted, etc.

So each of the three source entries in your bibliography will contain:

  1. a source citation in APA style,
  2. a 100-word summary of that source, and
  3. a 150-word critical (i.e., thoughtful) response to that source.

For more information on the annotated bibliography genre, see Cornell University Library's resource How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography.

The grading standards for this assignment are also posted in Moodle.