Portfolio Project

For your final assignment this semester, you will revisit and revise at least one previous project and compose a reflective essay about your learning in WRT 160.


Your portfolio document should gather together all three major projects you completed this semester into one document file for submission via Moodle. You may revise one, two, or all three projects for a higher grade. In order to receive credit, your revised projects must be clearly labeled "Revised" and all of your revisions must be recorded using the "track changes" feature in Microsoft Word (see the Word Reviewing tutorial for more details).

Reflective essay

Your portfolio should also include a reflective essay. This is the final document you will compose for our class, and it should be a well written, well reasoned, and well supported testament to the good work you have done all semester. Your essay should be 750–1,250 words in length. If you cite any sources in your essay they should be cited in APA style.

Your essay should answer the following questions for readers:

  1. What are the most important lessons you learned about writing and research in this class? Which documents in your portfolio illustrate best that you learned those lessons? Be specific, be detailed, and cite specific examples from your work.
  2. Which lessons about writing and research will you be able to apply to the writing you do for your major, for your career, or for your general education or elective courses?
  3. What did you learn this semester about academic writing, critical reading, summarizing and responding to sources, incorporating source material into your academic writing, incorporating peer and instructor feedback into your writing, and the processes of composing texts?
  4. In what ways did you help your classmates with the composition of their papers in this class? Be specific and detailed.
  5. Coming into this class, what did you expect to learn about academic writing? Now that you are leaving, what have you learned (if anything)?
  6. Which work in this portfolio are you most proud of and why?
  7. What should readers of your portfolio know about your work—what should they see in or understand about the work you did this semester?

Use the preceding questions to help you structure your essay, but please do not compose the document as a list of questions and answers.