WRT 331: Introduction to Professional Writing
Oakland University, Fall 2014
CRN: 45163
R 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Wilson Hall 400


Jim Nugent




(248) 370-3792


306 O'Dowd Hall

Office Hours:

Tuesday and Thursday, 12 noon–12:30 p.m., and by appointment any time.


Course Description

WRT 331 is an introduction to the field of professional writing. It examines the theories, practices, technologies and ethics of professional writing in the workplace. Grounded in rhetorical theory, this course prepares students to write effectively in a variety of contexts, examines the professional identity of professional writers, and prepares students to consider the social and ethical responsibilities of professional writing in practice. 4 hours.

Prerequisite: completion of the university writing foundation requirement.

Course Goals

Students in WRT 331 will:

Required Texts

Readings will be provided.

Course Policies


There will be four major assignments in this class, listed below, which are due on the dates listed in the course calendar. You must complete all of these assignments to receive a passing grade. The assignments are as follows:

  1. Working Writers Project
  2. Instructions Project
  3. Research Report Assignment
  4. Portfolio


I will give grades (0.0, 1.0–4.0) for all graded assignments in this class. The final grade is determined as follows:


Working Writers Project


Instructions Project


Research Report Assignment




Other Assignments, Activities, and Reflections


Social Practices—This grade will reflect:

  • your contributions to class discussions, peer review activities, online activities, and group projects;
  • your commitment to submitting timely and complete work;
  • your ethos as a respectful citizen of the classroom and as a thoughtful rhetor in class-related communication; and
  • your capacity for successful collaboration with others.

Needless to say, if you are not in class, you are not doing many of these things, so this grade will also be a partial reflection of your attendance.

ADA Notice

Students with disabilities who may require reasonable accommodations should contact Oakland University’s Disability Support Services office for assistance: