Oral Presentation Presentation

For this activity, you will have to collaborate in both smaller and larger groups to develop and deliver an oral presentation of the material in Chapter 18 of Technical Report Writing Today.

  1. Divide into working groups of around 3 people each.
  2. As a class, divide the chapter up into sections. Each working group must prepare the presentation material for one section.
  3. You will have today and Friday to work in the lab to develop the presentation and your slides. All of the slides from all the of groups should be integrated into a single PowerPoint file, with a consistent visual feel and written tone throughout. (It should ultimately look like it was created by a single rhetor.)
  4. You will present the material from chapter 18 in an oral report in class Monday. Everyone in your working group must play a role in the presentation. The presentation should also embody the presentation design considerations covered in the chapter, as well as the rhetorical considerations covered so far in class.