HU 2650:
Web Design
Section R01
3:35–5:00 p.m.
Walker 134


Jim Nugent





Walker 142

Office Hours:

Every day after class (just pull me aside), or by appointment any time.


Course Description

HU 2650 is a course in the rhetoric and technology of web design and information architecture, including instruction in HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop.

Course Goals and Expectations

Although HU 2650 will extensively cover the digital tools required for web design work, it is ultimately not a technology class. Rather, this class will focus on developing your ability to combine a broad range of visual, textual, technological, informational, and rhetorical literacies to develop effective websites. In addition to practicing good web design, this will also require producing self-conscious, critical reflection on your own work.

As with all university-level classes, I expect you to approach HU 2650 with a spirit of autodidacticism: an understanding that you are the one primarily responsible for the education you get out of this class. You will be expected to spend considerable time outside of the classroom reading, reflecting, studying major concepts, and working independently with the technology.

In this course, it's typical for the initial level of skill and familiarity among students to vary greatly. Nonetheless, I expect all students to attend every session and participate attentively—even when the material covered is not new to them.

Required Resources

Course Policies


There will be five major assignments in this class, listed below, which are due on the dates appearing on the course calendar:

  1. "Up and Running" Assignment
  2. Whitepaper Assignment
  3. CSS Layout Assignment
  4. Page Redesign Project
  5. Site Redesign Project


I will give letter grades (A, AB, B, BC, C, CD, D, or F) for all graded assignments in this class. The final grade is determined as follows:


"Up and Running" Assignment


Whitepaper Assignment


CSS Layout Assignment


Page Redesign Project


Site Redesign Project


In-Class Work, Quizzes, and Small Assignments


Social Practices—This grade will reflect your contributions to class discussions, peer review activities, and group work, as well as your commitment to submitting timely and complete work. Needless to say, if you are not in class regularly and on time, you are not participating, so this grade will also partially reflect your attendance.

ADA Notice

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