Site Redesign Assignment

For this assignment, you will work with a real-life client to redesign a webpage. Hayenga Farms of Andover, South Dakota sells talc in large quantities, and is interested in futher developing and refining its online presence at

Your job will be to:

  1. develop a sound revision strategy for the site, paying particular attention to big-picture rhetorical considerations;
  2. develop several lo-fidelity prototypes for the redesigned page, paying particular attention to overall design and usability; and
  3. implement your revision strategy, producing a redesigned site in HTML/CSS.

Project requirements

Your page redesign should appear at:

And you must include the following <meta> tag within the <head> of each page:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, no follow">

Your designs and all of your code must be original, although you may use any HTML editor you choose for composing the HTML documents.