Where do your web files go?

The files for the websites you develop this semester will be saved on a UNIX server, login.hu.mtu.edu. The server runs Apache, a popular web server program.

In your UNIX account, files under /public_html in your home directory are all public, and will be available online at:


...where yourusername is your Michigan Tech userid, the first part of your mtu.edu email address.

When working on a PC in the CCLI, your UNIX home directory is the same as your "My Documents" folder. On a CCLI Macintosh computer, your UNIX home directory is the same as your Macintosh home directory.

You can also connect to the UNIX server over the internet directly through telnet and ftp. Telnet is a program that connects you to the UNIX server and allows you to manipulate files through the UNIX operating system. FTP is a protocol that lets you connect to the UNIX server in order to upload and download files.

A more secure (encypted) version of telnet is known as SSH (secure shell), and a more secure version of FTP is known as SFTP.

The address for these services is login.hu.mtu.edu. Depending on your browser set up, you may be able to just click on these links: