Project Documents

What: The final report, cover document, and the completed instructions.
When: Tuesday 22 July, at the begining of class.

In addition to the final instructions set for delivery to the client, you will need to provide a final project report for me and a cover document for the client.

Final Report

The final report to me serves several functions in our hypothetical workplace:

Keep in mind that as your supervisor, I'm looking forward to seeing information on what was gained from you user analysis, task analysis, and user testing. Also keep in mind that I'm more interested in reading overall assessments and summary, rather than extensive details. However, detailed documentation of your groups activities is vital to keep on file for future clients in the company.

Cover Document

The cover document is a letter, memo, or formal report that accompanies your completed instructions as they are delivered to the client. This document should "make the case" to the client for why you did things the way you did—that is, it should articulate and defend the rhetorical strategies you employed in drafting the instructions. You can do this by:

Overall, think about how you can make the argument to the client for why our firm deserves the hefty consulting that fees we charge.