Résumé and Cover Letter Drafts

What: a draft of a resume, a draft of a cover letter, and a copy of the job ad you are responding to.

When: Thursday, 7 August

A resume or a cover letter by itself seldom lands you a job. Rather, these documents are aimed at getting your foot in the door by getting you an interview. I doing so, succesful resumes and cover letters usually do much more than just catalog your basic skills and qualifications.Instead, they act retorically as arguments for why you have the right qualities for the job. As such, a good strategy is to highlight the most relevant and compelling things about yourself, and to present these things in a coherently organized document that's designed with the needs of its audience in mind.

Your textbook offers some techniques for developing and organizing the information to include in your resume, which can be found starting on page 450. Information on cover letters starts on page 448.

For next Thursday, please bring:

Please make sure that you are responding to a job ad that you could realistically apply for, whether now or when you finish at Tech. If you would like to alter the requirements of this assignment in any way for an actual job or graduate school application, please talk to me about it. I want this assignment to be as useful for you as possible.

The grammar, spelling, etc. are not too important for this draft—it's more important that you develop what you are going to say and strategies for how you are going to organize the documents, particularly as it helps you to meet your goal with your given audience.

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