Resume Peer Review

Begin by reading your author's job ad, keeping an eye toward what the employer wants to see from their applicants. This includes not only the explicit skills and qualifications listed in the ad, but also the implicit qualities that they probably want their employees to have as well. Next, with the job ad in mind , look at the resume and cover letter, and answer the following questions. As you read the documents, feel free to make marks and comments on the paper itself.

  1. Outline the overall organizational scheme of the resume.
  2. In one sentence, summarize the argument that the cover letter makes.
  3. Does the author appear to have the basic qualifications for the job in question? Is this fact readily apparent from the resume and cover letter?
  4. Are the documents readable? Is the organizational scheme of the documents readily apparent? Does this scheme make sense in light of the job it is in application to? Why or why not?
  5. How could you reorganize the resume to more effectively communicate to the reader why the author deserves the job?
  6. What are the most compelling points of the documents? What are the least compelling points?