Revising the Reports Assignment

You will have through Thursday of week 6 to submit a revision of your Reading and Composing Scientific Reports assignment, if you so choose. I will review your revision and return it shortly with my comments and a new grade (or if a new grade isn't merited, a "N/C" for no change in the evaluation). When submitting your revision, please provide me with the draft that you previously turned in (complete with my handwritten comments) along with a copy of your revised analysis.

Revision Strategies

The key to successful revision is to concentrate on the big-picture comments in both my handwritten comments and in the typewritten memo. Although I frequently offer specific revision suggestions in my comments, simply going through the document and applying minor changes is, by itself, not likely to improve your document much. Rather, pay particular attention to the comments that refer to overall rhetorical strategies, and be prepared to significantly revise your work based on these. Revising is not easy work, and it frequently entails completely overhauling or throwing away work that you've already done. In fact, this is the sort of substantive revision that I am expecting.

Finally, I'm happy to work with you to explain my comments further, and to discuss larger revision strategies. Email me anytime with your questions and concerns, or make an appointment to meet with me if you would like. It is typically most productive—and beneficial to you—if we can sit down together to talk about your work and revision plan before you start revising.