Ad Design Activity

Last week you practiced reading advertisements that used the visual to connect with their audience and to convey their message. This week you will take the same critical approach to advertisements as you did last week, but instead of reading ads, you will be writing them. In teams of four or five you will design and produce a campaign of print ads for a product.

You must choose your product from the list below, but you are responsible for coming up with the name and brand identity of that product. Although you can take inspiration from existing products, your product should be fictional. In addition, you must choose three magazines from the list below, and design and produce an ad for each one. While you should tailor your message to the specific audiences of the specific forums, keep in mind that your ads are part of a campaign, and you need to be sure that your ads fit together. Your three ads should be similar to each other, and they should project a consistent brand identity. In addition, because your ad should emphasize visual communication, you are allowed to use at most 12 words in your ad.

By the end of class today I will need a very brief and informal overview of your product and campaign. On Friday you will have time in class to further develop and produce your ads. Next Monday, you will present your ads to the class for critique.

Products to choose from:

Forums to chose from:

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