Magazine Article Proposal and Forum Analysis

What: Proposal for Magazine Article, with a detailed Forum Analysis.
Due: Monday, 24 January, in class.

At the begining of the semester, we discussed how rhetors use ethos, logos, and pathos appeals to communicate with and persuade their audiences. (See the writeup here for notes.) On Wednesday and Friday, we discussed audience and forum. What I want you to do for next Monday is to come up with a forum that you would like to address, and a topic that you would like to address that forum on. The forum should be a popular magazine like the ones we've looked at in class. The topic should be something that you feel qualified to speak about without doing a great deal of research—although research is certainly not discouraged.

Describe your topic and your forum in a 500–750 word proposal that answers the following questions:

In addition, I would like you to include in your proposal a forum analysis for the magazine you have chosen, much like we did in class on Wednesday. The questions we used for that exercise are available here.

Keep in mind that with this assignment, the more you risk the more you can gain. For instance, describing how to change your oil to the readers of Car and Driver is not as rhetorically challenging as describing how to change your oil to the readers of Cosmopolitan. This is something that I will keep in mind as I’m evaluating the final article.