Peer Evaluation Memo

Due: Monday, 18 April, in class, with the final paper.

Part of the purpose of this collaborative assignment is that you will gain practice in working together to complete large tasks, in dividing up and delegating labor fairly, and in negotiating with others. In order for me to get a sense of how successful your group was at doing this, I want you to complete a peer evaluation memo explaining the dynamics of your group, who contributed what, and how the collaborative process played out.

In reading this, I want to know the details of when and where you met over the course of the week (including class time), who showed up, how the work was divided, and who did what relevant to the assignment. Although you can let me know how your group peers have (or have not) lived up to their obligations, this is not a place for making personal accusations or griping about your group. Instead, I want to know the facts most relevant to your group's performance.