Poster Assignment Evaluation

These are the questions that I will ask myself as I give your posters advisory grades. These are the only elements that I will base your grades on:

Rhetorical Appropriateness

Overall Poster Design

Visual Persuasiveness


For next Monday, in addition to your final poster draft, please bring a 750–1000 word self-reflective essay explaining the rhetorical choices that you made while creating your poster, including a justification of why you made them. The audience that you are addressing in this essay is me. You can use the above outline as a guide for what to look at in this essay, but once again, this is not about jockeying for a grade. Rather, I need you to explain your decisions in order that I can determine how and why they meet the criteria of "appropriateness" that I've outlined above.

Do not merely summarize or explain what you did in the poster—you need to show me the reasons why you did what you did, as well as provide support for those reasons. Although you should explain the production shortcomings of the poster (that is, what you would do if you had the resources to make a professional, production-quality poster), do not spend much time in this essay describing the poster itself. Instead, concentrate on the things that will tell me more about the rhetorical appropriateness of you poster and your self-awareness its designer.