Collaborative Research Assignment

Proposal due: Monday, 4 April, by the end of class.
Draft due:
Final draft and Peer Evaluation Memos due: Monday, 18 April, by the end of class.

For this assignment, I want you to work together in groups of three or four to write a research paper on a controversial topic. Each main group (I–III) will concentrate on a specific controversial issue. The subgroups (A and B) will argue a different side of that issue. Groups with three members will write a research paper of 1500–2250 words (about 6–9 double spaced pages), while groups with four members will write a paper of 2000–3000 words (about 8-12 double spaced pages).

Each paper will receive one grade; however, the grade that each participant may vary from that, depending on the feedback of their peers. Peer evaluation will be in the form of a memo to me describing the working situation, and informing me of any issues there are with productivity and collaboration. These evaluations should also include records of any absences from collaborative activities. More information on the peer evaluation memo here.

Evaluation criteria here.

Possible Topics (from class)