Final Portfolios

The final portfolio is used by the department to assess the Revisions course. For this required assignment, you will need to do the following:

  1. Gather all drafts and working materials for every major assignment in this class. These assignments are:
  2. Retain all final drafts with my comments on them, and print out fresh copies of all final drafts.
  3. Remove all identifying information from all assignments. All materials must be free of any names--students' names as well as instructors', student IDs, section numbers, or any other information that would reveal the identity of anyone invlovled.
  4. Write a short reflective cover letter describing the major written, oral, and visual assignments of this course, and the quality of your experience in UN 2001. What value was it to you in terms of your education at Michigan Tech? What improvements can you suggest for Revisions? This should be no longer than 250 words.
  5. Neatly put all of these materials into a binder. Do not use a folder. Do not use the binder pockets. Use dividers between the sections, which should appear in this order:
    1. Reflective Cover Letter
    2. Copies of assignments for all submitted work:
      1. Magazine final version (clean copy)
      2. Magazine working drafts and peer review
      3. Poster final version (clean copy)
      4. Poster working drafts and peer review
      5. Editorial letter final version (clean copy)
      6. Editoral letter working drafts and peer review
      7. Research paper (clean copy)
      8. Research paper working drafts
      9. Oral debate notes or working drafts
  6. All binders must contain a label on the front cover with the following:

    UN 2001 Student Portfolio
    Spring Term 2005

  7. Portfolios will not be returned to instructors or students.