M 1/10

Introductions, explanation of course, etc. First writing assignment.


W 1/12

Discussion of audience. Bring a magazine or newspaper from home for Friday's discussion. Find inside it one example each of ethos, pathos, and logos appeals.

F 1/14

Discussion of rhetorical appeals.


M 1/17

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday - no class.


W 1/19

Discussion of forums.

F 1/21

Continue discussion of forums. Magazine Article Proposal and Forum Analysis for Monday.


M 1/24

Magazine Article Proposal and Forum Analysis due. Intro to ad analysis. Draft magazine article for Friday.


W 1/26

Ad analysis presentations.

F 1/28

Ad analysis presentations.


M 1/31

Peer review workshop—bring magazine article to class.


W 2/2

Begin Ad Design activity. Bring materials for Friday.

F 2/4

Continue Ad Design activity. Revised Magazine Article with Self-Reflexive Essay due. Ad Design presentations.


M 2/7

Finish Ad Design activity.


W 2/9

Ad Design critique. Discuss visual arguments. Poster analysis for next Wednesday.

F 2/11

No class—Winter Carnival.


M 2/14

No class.


W 2/16

Poster analysis due. Poster discussion. Draft Poster Assignment for Monday.

F 2/18

Poster discussion, continued.


M 2/21

Peer review of Poster Assignment drafts.


W 2/23

Discussion of Williams book.

F 2/25

Discussion of Williams, continued.


M 2/28

Williams book activity.


W 3/2

Williams book activity. Revised poster with self-reflective essay due.

F 3/4

No Class - Spring Break.


M 3/7


No Class - Spring Break.



W 3/9

F 3/11


M 3/14

Review rhetorical principles.


W 3/16

Answers to your questions here. One-on-one conferences.

F 3/18

One-on-one conferences, cont.


M 3/21

Discuss rhetoric and propoganda. Introduction to editorial letter assignment.


W 3/23

Discuss editorial letters and develop evaluation criteria.

F 3/25

Peer review of editorial letters (this weekend).


M 3/28

Discuss topics for collaborative research paper.


W 3/30

Editorial letter assignment due. Discussion of research topics, cont. Work Day.

F 4/1

Don't forget to set your clocks forward this weekend.


M 4/4

Work day. Research proposal due by the end of class.


W 4/6

Library instruction. Meet by the reference desk in the library.

F 4/8

Work day.


M 4/11

Discuss citation and logical fallacies. Work day.


W 4/13

Discuss research paper evaluation and final portfolio format. Work day.

F 4/15

Discuss format for oral debates. Work day. Last day to submit revised magazine and poster assignments.


M 4/18

Final research papers and peer evaluation memos due. Begin oral debates.


W 4/20

Oral debates, cont. Explain portfolios.

F 4/22

Oral debates, cont. Course evaluations. Thanks for a great semester!


M 4/25



W 4/27


F 4/29

Final portfolios and editorial letter revisios due, in my office, by 5 p.m.