Web Presence Project

For this project, you will establish a professional presence on the web in the form of a small website. In addition to showcasing your coding and design skills firsthand, this site should serve as a portfolio of your work and should market your professional abilities to potential employers.

Your site should appear at the URL listed in the web presence project directory, or at a custom domain if you so choose. Unlike previous assignments, there are no restrictions on what tools you can use to create your site. However, you should remain mindful of how your design choices will affect your professional ethos and the determine the site's rhetorical success.

Reflective report

In addition to composing the website, you will also compose a 500-word essay to me, as your instructor, explaining the rhetorical strategies and tactics you employed. In this report, you should briefly describe what your professional goals are and who your audience will likely be for the site. Then, you should describe the choices you made in composing your site and explicate to me how those choices will help you to accomplish your purpose with your audience.