Digital Autobiography

For this assignment, you will research and critically analyze your own engagement with digital culture. While this analysis will include your personal experiences with various forms of digital culture (software, hardware, websites, interactive media, etc.), you will conduct primary and/or secondary research to support the personal claims you make about those forms of digital culture.

The research element of this project need not be especially academic: it should embellish, enliven, decorate, support, and/or illustrate the points you make in your more personal analysis. You may choose to compose a hyperlinked essay, create a wiki, develop a digital story, compose a website, create a video, or record a podcast (audio file) for this project, and the research you do and use will depend quite a bit on the type of "text" you create. You may find you need quotes from experts like Bill Gates or Donna Haraway, or you may find yourself researching about a game you played as a child, or you may find yourself collecting screen shots from your Facebook page or recording a friend playing World of Warcraft.

I'm leaving many of the requirements up to you, but your goals for the assignment are:

Please review the evaluation criteria for this project for additional information.

Length requirements

Graduate students should prepare works that are at least 1.5 times as long as those listed above.

You will also prepare a short presentation of your autobiography to the class and a 400–800 word reflective cover letter describing your composing process.

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