Emerging Media Project

For this assignment, you will collaborate in small groups to compose a 750–1,000 word written report on an emerging medium or issue related to an emerging medium. You will also share the findings of your report during a 10–15 minute in-class presentation.


Your group will work with one of the following topics:

  1. HTML, CSS, and HTML 5;
  2. RSS (including blogs and podcasts);
  3. net neutrality;
  4. streaming media;
  5. network-based crowdsourcing (including Wikipedia);
  6. the digital divide;
  7. the "death" of the newspaper;
  8. Second Life; and
  9. online identity.

Other topics are available by permission—please talk to me if you're interesting in something not listed above.

Written Report

Your intended audience for this report will be me and your fellow students. Your report should:

  1. give us an introduction to the medium and the technology behind it (one that is sufficient to give us a working knowledge of your topic, but appropriate to both our existing level of knoweledge and the limited space you have available);
  2. provide a balanced examination of the possible issues, "boons" and "banes," and controversies surrounding your topic; and
  3. give us some sense of what the future holds for your topic.

Since none of you are noted experts on digital media, your report must rely extensively on outside research, and you must use a formal, academic citation format (such as APA or MLA style) to cite that research.

Class Presentation

Your group will also adapt your report into a 10–15 minute presentation for class accomplishing the same goals listed above. You can use PowerPoint or any other technology we have used so far in this class for this presentation.