Digital Ethnography Project

For this project you will identify an online digital community and learn more about it through ethnographic research methods. The community you choose to study can be a community that you already belong to, or it can be a community that is completely unfamiliar to you. You will work in groups of one, two, or three members on this project.

Through this research, you will produce a detailed examination of:

Begin by researching what an ethnography is, what ethnographers do to gather data, and what ethical standards they follow. Then begin searching for an online culture rich enough to support a thorough and interesting ethnography.

Note that the culture you choose must be readily identifiable and researchable. Members of the culture must also be willing to let you research them, interact with them, and, possibly, interview them. You will gather mostly primary data (participant-observations, interviews, surveys, artifact collection, etc.), but you may also incorporate secondary research (articles, reports, and academic works).

From this research, you will:

Graduate students should complete works that are 1.5 times as long.

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