Medical Brochure Assignment

For this project, you will once again be a member of our fictional consulting firm Indelible, Inc. This time, however, you will work individually.

Project scenario

Indelible, Inc. has been contacted by the Oakland County Health Department because they've witnessed a recent decline in the number of people seeking vaccination services for their children. Anecdotal reports from the vaccination program staff suggest that parents are increasingly wary of the safey of vaccinations. The staffers suspect that this due to anti-vaccine information that is is common circulation. The department has asked our firm to prepare an original brochure to distribute to new parents in the county convincing them to get their children immunized. The brochure does not have to market the client's services specifically, but advocate immunization generally.

You will have three deliverables to prepare:

  1. A well-researched briefing report addressed to me, your fictional boss, giving me the relevant background information about the communicative challenges presented by this contract. It should synthesize and summarize compelling research on the issues you will have to contend with in order to compose an effective brochure. The report should be documented in APA style.
  2. A brochure for delivery to our client.
  3. A cover report for delivery to our client explaining the communication strategies employed in the brochure and making the case for its efficacy (and, indirectly, our large consulting fees).


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