Perma-Prest™ Nostalgia-Fest

This is a baby-sized quilt I made for one of my nephews when he was born. When my brother and I were growing up, we—and pretty much everyone—had colorful Perma-Prest™ bedsheets from Sears, Roebuck, & Company. They looked like this:

...and like this:

...and like this:

...and, to meet the government’s strict quotas for orangey-ness, like this:

I thought it would be fun to make a quilt out of some of these colorful old patterns. I sourced the sheets from eBay and thrift stores. I started with some choosy cutting of the Noah's ark pattern:

Then I made a strip for the "frames":

I wasn't sure what color I wanted where at this point. I eventually went with bright yellow for the "intersections" and orange for the binding.

Quilting was all straight-line, done with a walking foot.

I used the green stripe pattern for the backside:

I included the old Perma-Prest label along the binding, just for fun:

The final product: