Microsoft Word Styles Tutorial

Scenario: imagine that you have just finished writing a 300-page report in Microsoft Word, and it's formatted entirely in 12 pt. Times New Roman.

Now imagine that you've been asked by your boss to change the font of all the headings to 14 pt. Arial Bold, and the font of all the body text to 10 pt. Georgia.

Ordinarily, this would mean going through the entire document, selecting every heading, specifying the Arial font, and then specifying "bold." You would also have to select every piece of body text, specify the Georgia font, and then specify the font size "10." In the case of a 300-page report, this would clearly be a lot of work.

But by using styles in Word, you can make this job go a lot quicker. And by using styles as you create future documents, you can make it so that you are never faced with a tedious chore like this again. In this tutorial, we will look at how using styles can save you time when working with documents.

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