WRT 3072:
The Rhetoric of Web Design
Oakland University
College of Arts and Science
Department of Writing and Rhetoric
Fall 20xx, CRN: 45636
Wilson 400A, MWF 10:40 a.m.–11:47 a.m.


Jim Nugent




O'Dowd Hall 378

Office Hours:

MW, 12 noon–12:45 p.m., or by appointment any time.


Course Description

An intermediate course in the rhetorical, ethical, stylistic, and technical principles of web design. Applies the rhetorical principles and research methods learned in the prerequisite courses to the effective production of web documents. Satisfies the university general education requirement for a writing intensive course in general education. Prerequisite: completion of the university writing foundation requirement. 4 credits.

University Learning Outcomes

Effective Communication

Effective communicators analyze rhetorical situations, adapt their discourse to diverse genres and media, treat their sources and source material ethically, and meet the expectations of a variety of discourse communities in the academy and beyond. You will learn how to:

Course Goals and Expectations

Although WRT 3072 will extensively cover the digital tools required for web design work, it is fundamentally not a technology class. Rather, this class will focus on developing your ability to combine a broad range of visual, textual, technological, and informational literacies to develop rhetorically effective websites. In addition to practicing good web design, this will also require producing self-conscious, critical reflection on your own work.

As with all university-level classes, I expect you to approach WRT 3072 with a spirit of autodidacticism: an understanding that you are the one primarily responsible for the education you get out of this class. You will be expected to spend considerable time outside of the classroom reading, reflecting, studying major concepts, and working independently with the technology.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


Course Policies


There will be five major assignments in this class:

  1. “Up and Running” Assignment
  2. CSS Layout Assignment
  3. Client Site Redesign Project
  4. Client Documentation Project
  5. Web Presence Project


I will give letter grades (A–F) for all major graded assignments in this class. Your final grade is determined as follows:


“Up and Running” Assignment


CSS Layout Assignment


Client Site Redesign Project


Client Documentation Project


Web Presence Project


In-Class Work, Quizzes, and Small Assignments


Social Practices—This grade will reflect:

  • your contributions to class discussions, peer review activities, online activities, and group projects;
  • your commitment to submitting timely and complete work;
  • your ethos as a respectful citizen of the classroom and as a thoughtful rhetor in class-related communications; and
  • your capacity for successful collaboration with others.

Needless to say, if you are not in class, you are not doing many of these things, so this grade will also be a partial reflection of your attendance.

ADA Notice

Students with disabilities who may require reasonable accommodations should contact Oakland University’s Disability Support Services office for assistance: