M 6/30

Introduction, explanation of course policies, etc. Visit the CCLI. Email me by Thursday (at jdnugent@mtu.edu) with a short note letting me know that you visited this page. Also for next time, please respond to this writing prompt.


T 7/1

W 7/2

Email exercise due. Discuss the readings. Introduction to the scientific report assignment.

R 7/3

Discuss your scientific report assignment: bring a draft of your analysis and be prepared to informally present on it.


M 7/7

Final scientific report assignment due. Introduction to the instructions assignment. Begin project planning memos. For next time, familiarize yourself with these resources on user analysis and begin your user analysis.


T 7/8

Discuss user analysis. Work day.

W 7/9

Compose 4–5 questions for Laurence, and email them to me by the end of today.

R 7/10

Discussion with Laurence.


M 7/14

Discuss your project topics and task analysis. Work day.


T 7/15

Discuss lo-fi prototyping. Work day. For next time, print, read, and bring to class the Formula Sound Mixer Manual (PDF) and the Mackie Sound Mixer Manual (PDF). Also read this handout on the "CRAP Principles" (PDF).

W 7/16

Discuss instruction manuals and document design. For next time: read Woolever chapter 12 (3rd edition) or 13 (4th edition).

R 7/17

Discuss final reports and project evaluation. Work day.


M 7/21

Project peer review and work day.


T 7/22

Finish up user documentation project. Work day.

W 7/23

User documentation project due at the begriming of class. Wrap-up discussion and project debriefing. Introduction to the recommendation report assignment (PDF, password required). Form groups.

R 7/24

Word reviewing. Work day.


M 7/28

Discuss writing reports. Work day.


T 7/29

Discuss visual communication. Work day.

W 7/30

Discuss usage and style. Work day.

R 7/31

Work day. For next time: Finish your recommendation report.


M 8/4

Recommendation reports due. Introduction to the career documents assignment.


T 8/5

Discuss résumés and cover letters.

W 8/6

Discuss rhetorical strategies and production issues for cover letters and résumés. For next time: bring your draft résumé and cover letter.

R 8/7

Peer review of your résumé and cover letter. For Monday, read Steven B. Katz's "Ethic of Expediency."


M 8/11

Career documents assignment due. Discuss reading.


T 8/12

Work day.

W 8/13

Work day.

R 8/14

Work day. All revisions due at the end of class.