Jackson Model 591 Capacitor Checker

I got this for a good price of off eBay, but the seller didn't use any padding when the packed it so it arrived in rough shape. Every single piece of glass was broken, including the relatively expensive 6E5 eye tube (naturally).

Fortunately, the meter glass was easy to replace (but not necessarily to cut), and I have a few 6E5s saved from a Meissner Analyst that I had when I was a kid.

A view of the front panel with colored capacity test buttons, gray leakage test buttons, a power factor knob, a test voltage knob, a power switch, and test lead lugs.

I replaced the non-mica reference caps (3.0 μF and 0.03 μF). I wasn't too fussy with the values, but it still turned out to be pretty accurate in the end.A view of the circuit board and reference caps.

I also replaced the filter caps.

A view of the new filter caps.The voltage selection switch was broken, so I installed a replacement.The new selector switch.

The terminal board for the switch bank was broken, but it responded well to superglue and mechanical reinforcement (the black, insulated wire in the picture below).The phenolic terminal board for the selector switch has been reinforced with a short length of copper wire.