Channelmaster 6650

This is a Channelmaster stereo tube amp, circa 1963.

A view of the front of the amp, which is solid brass. There are six knobs (power/volume, bass, treble, balance, input selector, and channel selector), two slide switches (rumble and loudness), and two lamps with jewels (a green one for monaural and a red one for stereo.)

The chassis before restoration, which is rather dusty.

A closeup of the Mullard branded GZ34 rectifier.


The input connectors on the back of the chassis.

A view of the output tubes from above.

I removed, disassembled, and repainted the power transformer.The repainted power transformer, waiting to be reinstalled.The reinstalled power transformer.A view from beneath the chassis. All non-ceramic caps have been replaced.A view of the amp sitting on its side.